Welcome to Mogulex! Thank you for visiting us!

My name is Greeny, and this section of the game is to impart some of the wisdom I learned on my way to success in this game, and in real life. This game was created for educational purposes, hoping to share and spread the knowledge of becoming financially independent, truly free, and having your money work for you instead of working for your money.

There are many aspects of this game, all based solely on the choices you make, not the roll of a dice. You start with a Bonus Pack [Moguls and Gold] that opens a variety of options in the game to choose from; upgrade your Home, buy a Garage, a Hanger, Vehicles and Items to begin with.

Further you can also choose from going to Work, EduQ, participate in Races and Events and many other activities.

Like in real life the goal of the game is to become a MOGUL; to become one of the most respected members in the game and financially independent, thus being truly free. The object of MOGULEX is to earn Respect.

Time is of utmost importance and that reflects in the game as well. Activities in the game require resources to see them to completion. There are ways to speed things up should you wish to move faster.

Like with anything online we strive for a respectful community when interacting with others in the communication channels.

The Game Rules and the FAQ covers everything you need to know about the game. And if you have any additional questions, you can always Contact us here.

Other than that, thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you in MOGULEX.

Happy Gaming!